Birthday Party Options


Unicorn Birthday Party!

Make a dream come true with our beautiful UNICORN! Every princess's dream is to ride their very own Unicorn and we can make that happen! Adorned with glitter and ribbons our unicorn with the birthday star will make for beautiful and memorable photos for years to come!


Outdoor or Indoor

We transform our beautiful white pony into a magical unicorn and bring them right to YOUR BACKYARD!! You can choose to have your party at your house or here at the farm! If you choose the farm you are welcome to have the party outside or inside based on personal preference or weather!


Petting Zoo too!

Our petting zoo is one of the few local petting zoos that will travel right to you! We encourage everyone to come on up to our gentle and clean animals to say hello! It's not every day you meet a super friendly alpaca and a cuddly Brahma cow!